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Castile soaps filled with the highest percentage of organic ingredients possible.

Not your grandma's peppermint oil

Freshen up with our superfood rich peppermint blend

Discover our scents

Zingy orange or calming green tea, we've got something for you

Don't eat dirt!

Give your fruit and veg a nice wash before eating

Experience the Quality

Get the most out of organic pure-castile soap.

Rich Soap, Rich Life

We only use the richest organic ingredients to leave you feeling rich.

Scrub a dub dub!

We are Rich Farmers Soap Co.

We create organic castile soaps filled with the highest percentage of organic ingredients possible.

I really like using this practical soap at the kitchen sink. I wash my hands frequently—this formula keeps them clean as well as moisturized, and the lingering light scent is very nice. It’s refreshing to use a product that focuses on quality ingredients rather than fancy bottles, labels or pumps.

Sarah D.

I enjoyed the shaving experience with Rich Farmers Soap. I especially liked the Tea Tree scent. It was refreshing and it left the hair on my face soft and smooth and did not dry out my skin like traditional shaving cream or regular soap always does. I will be trying the other fragrances soon!

Elliot S.

I've gotten so used to having to buy hundreds of products that coming across something as versatile as Rich Farmers soap truly feels like a luxury. I use the green tea soap which has a nice subtle scent in the shower, to wash my dogs, and I keep a bottle next to the kitchen sink.

Leila S.

How to get


Use your bottle for your dishes, baby, dog, car, and, most importantly, you.